Senior Full Stack Developer, Budapest

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Lejár 2024-07-13
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Senior Full Stack Developer, Budapest
Hungary, Budapest, Budapest,
Módosított June 10, 2024


We help the world run better Our company culture is focused on helping our employees enable innovation by building breakthroughs together.

How? We focus every day on building the foundation for tomorrow and creating a workplace that embraces differences, values flexibility, and is aligned to our purpose-driven and future-focused work.

We offer a highly collaborative, caring team environment with a strong focus on learning and development, recognition for your individual contributions, and a variety of benefit options for you to choose from.

Apply now!Meet Your Team: Dynamic and Innovative: Join a diverse group of forward-thinking developers who are not only experts in their fields but are also passionate about leveraging technology to streamline and enhance business operations.

Collaborative and Supportive: Our team thrives on collaboration and mutual support.

We share a common goal of maintaining a healthy codebase and delivering high-quality features and services.

Agile and Adaptive: We are a flexible team that adapts quickly to changing requirements.

Our agile practices are designed to keep us responsive and focused, ensuring that we can meet and exceed the dynamic needs of our enterprise.

Driven by Impact: From foundational tasks like CI/CD improvements to pioneering LLM/AI integrations, your work will directly impact the efficiency and capabilities of the organization.

What You'll Do: Drive the development of the product from frontend design and implementation to customer facing APIs.

Develop Across the Stack: You will work hands-on with our monorepo which encompasses Python, Go, Type Script, and potentially more, addressing needs from backend logic to frontend development.

Enhance Automation and Integration: Focus on automating hyperscaler account creation and lifecycle management, integrating this data seamlessly across various teams within our large enterprise.

Drive Continuous Improvement: Actively contribute to and maintain the health of our CI/CD processes and the overall codebase, ensuring high developer ergonomics and efficient production deployments.

Innovate and Solve: Participate in developing cutting-edge solutions using LLM/AI technologies for internal customer support and self-service capabilities, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

Adapt and Prioritize: Engage in weekly mini sprints and agile practices to adapt to changing requirements and priorities, delivering consistent value to the business.

What You Bring: Expertise in Go and Cloud Technologies: Proficiency in Go programming and familiarity with cloud APIs and environments are highly valued.

Full Stack Capability: Ability to navigate and contribute to the entire technology stack, from backend services to frontend interfaces and everything in-between.

Agile Experience: A solid background in agile methodologies, capable of thriving in an environment that values flexibility and frequent updates to priorities.

Problem-Solving Skills: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a knack for understanding and improving complex systems.

Collaborative Spirit: Excellent communication skills and a team-oriented approach, ready to collaborate closely with diverse teams across the enterprise.

An eye for product detail

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Munka típus: Teljes idő
Szerződéstípus: Állandó
Fizetés típusa: Havi
Foglalkozása: Senior full stack developer

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