Hungarian Cat Ii Linguist, Budapest

Utolsó frissítés 2024-06-12
Lejár 2024-07-12
ID #2186606694
Hungarian Cat Ii Linguist, Budapest
Hungary, Budapest, Budapest,
Módosított June 8, 2024


Position Description Valiant is seeking skilled Linguists to provide interpretation, transcription, and translation services to support ongoing and new operations and mission requirements in Europe. Responsibilities: Conduct accurate and consecutive translation, transcription, and interpretation from Hungarian into English Translate various syntax and expressions to include colloquial and slang phrases from English, Hungarian,and vice versa Work and travel in austere environments Provide advice on the cultural and ethnic significance of statements, conversations, situations, and documents Accurately scan, research, and analyze foreign language documents Other related tasks as assigned Position Requirements Must have proficiency in Hungarian and English speaking and writing Level 3/3 of the Common European Framework (CEFR)-Native proficiency preferred Extensive knowledge of theculture with previous work in the region-Native familiarity preferred Experience interpreting and translating Hungarianinto English Ability to understand the essentials of all speech in standard dialect and vocabulary, rarely requiring the need for paraphrasing or explanation Familiarity with the local culture and customs with the ability to operate within the local populace Must be a citizen Secret Security Clearance Additional requirements: Required Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) –The selected candidate must be in possession of the necessary level of Personnel Security Clearance (PSC) as specified in the job descriptions or eligible to qualify for same.

Fit for Duty – The selected candidate must undergo an extensive medical examination to be certified medically fit for duty in the work assignment location.

Similarly, the selected candidate must undergo a dental examination to be certified that there are no foreseen eminent dental issues.

And, the selected candidate must be vaccinated according to the required immunizations for the Area of Operation of the work assignment or able and willing to receive the required immunizations prior to deployment to the work assignment location.

Must have sufficient unaided hearing to perform duties safely, hear and wake up to emergency alarms unaided, and hear instructions in the absence of visual cues such as lip reading.

If the applicant does not meet this requirement, a Speech Recognition In Noise Test (SPRINT) or equivalent testing is required, along with an approved waiver pursuant to CENTCOM MOD 17, Section 15, TAB A.

Must be able to work under stressful circumstances and meet short suspense dates.

Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds unassisted.

Must be free of medical restrictions/ limitations that prevent the performance of required duties and/ or prevent the wearing and utilization of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Must be physically capable of performing the work in conditions of extreme temperatures, low humidity, rain, and blowing sand and dust.

May be required to work on uncommon hours of duty, extended hours, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Employees shall utilize all proper lifting procedures and practices associated with all lifting and material handling tasks that are assigned and associated with this job description.

Must be able to stand, stoop, crawl, and climb as necessary to perform job functions using proper techniques and PPE for extended periods unassisted.

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Munka típus: Teljes idő
Szerződéstípus: Állandó
Fizetés típusa: Havi
Foglalkozása: Hungarian cat ii linguist

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